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 NEed help with my project

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PostSubject: NEed help with my project   Mon Apr 08, 2013 2:11 pm

We want to create an application for the car wash at VB Auto Center.
The form will contain three list box controls that do not permit the user to type in items at run time. The
first list will contain the names of the packages available for detailing a vehicle: Standard, Deluxe,
Executive, or Luxury.
The contents of the other two lists will vary depending upon the package selected. Display one list for the
interior work and one list for the exterior work. Store the descriptions of the items in string constants.
You must clear the lists for the interior and exterior for each order and add new items to the lists each
time the user makes a selection from the package list.
Use a drop-down list to allow the user to select the fragrance. The choices are Hawaiian Mist, Baby
Powder, Pine, Country Floral, Pina Colada, and Vanilla.
Include menu items for Print Order, Clear, and Exit with appropriate access keys. The print option should
send its output to the Print Preview window. Include your name and a heading at the top of the report.
The Order printout will contain the package name (Standard, Deluxe, Executive, or Luxury), the interior
and exterior items included, and the fragrance selected. Use a For/Next loop when printing the interior.

Thanks Mark
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NEed help with my project
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